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The links that follow provide additional information on CCS, global warming, climate change and other relevant information.

Bellona Foundation: CCS Web

Climate Decision-Making Center (CDMC)

Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center (CEIC)

Environmental Defense Fund: CCS Public Workshop Presentations

EU Regulatory Framework for Geologic Sequestration

Intergovenmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

IPCC Special Report on CCS

International Energy Agency (IEA) Greenhouse Gas Programme Databases

Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission: Carbon Sequestration

IEA Programme on CCS Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

The McKinsey Quarterly: What is carbon capture and storage?

Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage: Where is CO2 Storage Taking Place?

State of Victoria Regulatory Framework for Geologic Sequestration

Support to Regulatory Activities for Carbon Capture and Storage (STRACO2) Project

Texas Carbon Capture and Storage Association (TxCCSA)

World Resources Institute Project on CCS

University College London Carbon Capture Legal Programme

US National Assessment

Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP)


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