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The CCSReg project is publishing a series of policy briefs to address barriers to large-scale deployment of CCS in the United States. The briefs are posted in PDF format and can be viewed using Adobe Reader or any other compatible software.

Policy Briefs: Summary (January 4, 2010)


Carbon Dioxide Accounting in Carbon Capture and Sequestration (January 4, 2010)


Learning and Adaptation in Regulation of Geologic Sequestration (August 28, 2009)


Comprehensive Regulation of Geologic Sequestration (July 20, 2009)


Regulating Carbon Dioxide Pipelines for the Purpose of Transporting Carbon Dioxide to Geologic Sequestration Sites (July 13, 2009)


Governing Access to and Use of Pore Space for Deep Geologic Sequestration (July 13, 2009)


Compensation, Liability and Long-Term Stewardship for CCS (July 13, 2009)



In addition to the briefs available on this page, the CCSReg project is addressing other issues identified in the interim report in forthcoming briefs, including:

- Managing the transition from EOR to Geologic Sequestration

- Criteria for Permitting and Closure of Sequestration Sites

- Removing Barriers to Commercial Deployment of CCS Technology


Comments on any of these publications can be made via email or using the online form.

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