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Sequestration Site Permitting

  • Kansas HB 2419
    Rule Status:Final Feb 11, 2010, see Kansas Register v. 29 pp 182-190
    Draft Rule Due Date:July 1, 2008
    Permitting Authority:Kansas State Corporation Commission
  • Louisiana HB 661
    Permitting Authority:Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation
    Notes:Definition of carbon dioxide includes naturally occurring and geologically sourced CO2.
  • Montana SB 498
    Permitting Authority:Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation
  • North Dakota SB 2095
    Rule Status:Draft rules published 16 September 2009
    Permitting Authority:North Dakota Industrial Commission
    Notes:Creates the carbon dioxide storage facility administrative fund, funded by a fee on each ton of CO2 injected for storage.
  • Oklahoma SB 610
    Permitting Authority:The Corporation Commission has regulatory authority for carbon sequestration in fossil fuel bearing formations. The Department of Environmental Quality has regulatory authority for geologic sequestration in all other formations.
  • Texas HB 1796
    Permitting Authority:Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission may adopt rules for location, construction, maintenance, monitoring and operation of an offshore carbon dioxide repository
    Notes:The owner of the offshore geologic sequestration site would be the Texas School Land Board. The Board may establish the fees associated with sequestration. The Texas Bureau of Economic Geology will serve as a scientific advisor for measuring, monitoring and permanent storage verification.
  • Texas SB 1387
    Rule Status:Draft rules for GS accompanied by EOR issued March 26, 2010.
    Draft Rule Due Date:Varies by type of site. Study on recommended permitting process for non-hydrocarbon producing reservoirs due Dec. 1, 2010. Rules for geologic storage in connection with EOR shall be adopted by March 1, 2010. Rules for geologic storage with minimal increme
    Permitting Authority:Texas Railroad Commission
    Notes:The bill directs the Railroad commission to seek primary enforcement authority for geologic storage from the federal government. Creates anthropogenic carbon dioxide storage trust fund to cover administrative costs associated with permitting, oversight, and remedial action for geologic storage facilities.
  • Utah SB 202
    Draft Rule Due Date:January 1, 2011
    Permitting Authority:Department of Environmental Quality
    Notes:The Department of Environmental Quality shall collaborate with the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining and the Geological Survey to draft recommended rules.
  • Washington ESSB 6001
    Rule Status:WAC 173-218-115 adopted in 2008
    Permitting Authority:Department of Ecology
    Notes:Adapts the Washington state UIC program rules to cover injection of CO2 for geologic sequestration.
  • West Virginia HB 2860
    Permitting Authority:West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
    Notes:The Secretary may enter into inter-state cooperative agreements to regulate CO2 storage projects that span state boundaries.
  • Wyoming HB 17
    Notes:Directs the Department of Environmental Quality to specify insurance, bonding and financial assurance requirements for geologic sequestration permits, and procedures for releasing bonds or termination of insurance instruments after the administrator issues a completion and release certificate (a minimum of 10 years after injection stops).
  • Wyoming HB 90
    Rule Status:Draft rules issued March 13, 2009
    Permitting Authority:Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality




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