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Regulatory Incentive

  • Colorado HB 06-1281
    Description:Instructs the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to waive the commission's rules requiring competitive resource acquisition and grant a certificate of public convenience and necessity, allowing cost recovery for integrated gasification combined cycle power plants that: * Are located in Colorado and use Colorado or other western coal * Are less than 350 megawatts * Sequester a portion of the project's carbon dioxide emissions * Monitor sequestered carbon dioxide
  • Illinois SB 1592
    Description:This bill mandates electric utilities to charge a monthly fee to create the Renewable Energy Resources Trust Fund, of which a portion is to be used for the purposes of capturing or sequestering carbon emissions produced by coal combustion and supporting research on the capture and sequestration of carbon emissions produced by coal combustion. It also authorizes the Illinois Power Agency to issue bonds for the construction of electric generation facilities that use Illinois coal, giving preference to technologies that enable carbon capture and sites in locations where the geology is suitable for carbon sequestration.




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