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Texas HB 1796

Year Enacted:2009
CCS Component: Sequestration
Summary:This bill gives the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission the authority to construct and operate an offshore geologic sequestration site.


Sequestration Site Permitting

Permitting Authority:Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission may adopt rules for location, construction, maintenance, monitoring and operation of an offshore carbon dioxide repository
Notes:The owner of the offshore geologic sequestration site would be the Texas School Land Board. The Board may establish the fees associated with sequestration. The Texas Bureau of Economic Geology will serve as a scientific advisor for measuring, monitoring and permanent storage verification.

Long-term Stewardship

Long-term Liability:After closure of an offshore geologic sequestration site, the Texas School Land Board shall acquire title to the injected CO2, after which time the CO2 producer is relieved of liability. This act does not relieve contractors for liability from acts or omissions during construction or operation of the carbon dioxide repository.




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