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Texas SB 1387

Year Enacted:2009
CCS Component: Sequestration
Date Effective:Sept. 1, 2009
Summary:This bill instructs the Texas Railroad Commission to write rules for geologic storage of CO2. It creates the anthropogenic carbon dioxide storage trust fund to cover long-term monitoring of geologic storage facilities, and orders a study on management of geologic storage on state-owned lands.


Sequestration Site Permitting

Permitting Authority:Texas Railroad Commission
Rule Status:Draft rules for GS accompanied by EOR issued March 26, 2010.
Notes:The bill directs the Railroad commission to seek primary enforcement authority for geologic storage from the federal government. Creates anthropogenic carbon dioxide storage trust fund to cover administrative costs associated with permitting, oversight, and remedial action for geologic storage facilities.

Property Rights

CO2 Ownership:Operator, unless otherwise provided by contract.
Mineral Rights Primacy:Permit for geologic storage can only be issued if storage will not endanger or injure any oil, gas, or other mineral formation.

EOR Status

EOR Status:This bill does not apply to injection of fluid through a UIC Class II well for EOR. A conversion of a well from use in EOR to use in geologic storage is not considered to be a change in the purpose of the well. Provisions related to ownership of CO2 do n

Long-term Stewardship

Funding Mechanism:Creates anthropogenic carbon dioxide storage trust fund to cover long-term monitoring of geologic storage facilities.


Description:A multi-agency study is ordered to file a preliminary report on a recommended framework for managing geologic storage on state-owned land by Dec 1, 2010.




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